DarrellZ Cookies

Oven fresh buttery delights.  Each bite is a unique experience.


Chocolate Chip Cookies w/Roasted Pecans


Always classic, but never ordinary.  This all-natural treat needs no introduction.  Perfect alone or kicked up with a tall, cold glass of milk.  A customer favorite.


Double Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Espresso


Chocolate and coffee lovers rejoice! Reward your taste buds with this extraordinary treat. Melted gourmet bittersweet chocolate (60%) with brewed espresso gives delicious complexity to an unsuspecting cookie. Brace yourself.


Oatmeal Walnut with Cranberries


Off the Yumminess Chart*!  Without the fanfare of chocolate, the humble cranberry brings a subtle dimension to a more traditional cookie. Don’t save these for Thanksgiving.


Lemon Oatmeal Cookies


Perfect alone, better together.We bring the comfort and familiar texture of oatmeal with the zip of lemon. A new spin on traditional favorites.


Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies


No collection is complete without this variety. Natural peanut butter is the star of this production. A true crowd pleaser.


Banana-Coconut-Walnut Cookies


Almost sounds like a tropical dream. Distinct flavors gently blend into an unsuspecting oatmeal cookie base. A true original.


Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwich


Amazing cookie sandwich!


German Chocolate Cookie Sandwich


Chocolate delight that will awaken your senses!

Regular (1.5 oz) $10 per dozen
Just Right (3 oz) $16 per dozen

Cookie Sandwich:

Cookie Sandwiches = 1 Dozen – $28

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